Generic Chemical Manufacturers in the U.S. Crop Protection Industry 2012: A Strategic Market Analysis

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       Generic Chemical Manufacturers in the U.S. Crop Protection Industry: A Strategic Market Analysis will provide an up-to-date, accurate, and reliable analysis of the 2012 U.S. generic chemical suppliers to the crop protection industry based on manufacturers’ sales. Generic chemical manufacturers continue to increase in their importance in the crop protection industry.

      The report will provide subscribers with a detailed profile of the leading generic crop protection chemical suppliers. The analysis will be split between the leading generic and specialty generic manufacturers and marketers of generic pesticides in the United States. The report will provide detailed updates regarding:

      • Detailed review of crop protection manufacturers
      • Market trends driving generic demand
      • Generic manufacturers impact on the U.S. market
      • Generic manufacturers and products
      • Impact of future patent expirations
      • Distribution structure for 2012


      Highlights of the 2012 report include:

      Detailed by company profiles for the leading generic suppliers to include:
      – 2012 business overview
      – 2012 corporate sales
      – 2012 crop protection chemical sales
      – Marketing and sales strategy
      – Manufacturing situations
      – Product development activity
      – Strategic outlook 2017
      – Product listing: brands by active ingredient

      This report will serve as an excellent reference for developing and executing marketing plans, providing subscribers with the following competitive information:

      • Highly reliable and independent assessment of the competitive positions of the major generic suppliers of U.S. crop protection chemicals
      • Detailed analysis of the top 20+ generic chemical pesticide suppliers in the United States for 2012, highlighting their major decisions, actions, and results for 2012
      • Review of the major drivers creating change in the industry for 2012 and scenarios assessing potential impact of the drivers on companies, products, technologies, and the industry structure in 2012
      • Sales trend information by company

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