Fungicide Price in China

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    • Summary
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       Compared with the hot market of herbicides and insecticides, fungicide market was relatively flat from Feb. 2013 to March 2014, and prices of fungicides were relatively stable during this period. Specifically, prices of most fungicide products experienced a slight change, and only the price of tricyclazole technical had a noticeable uptrend. In particular, prices of most major fungicide products were low during July.2013 - Aug. 2013, mainly because of the over-large stocks of those products.

      In this report, the price of fungicide had been analyzed exhaustively in the following aspects:

      - Overview
      - Ex-works prices changes in 2013-2014
      - Import and export prices changes in 2013-2014
      - Factors influencing fungicide prices
      - Forecast in 2014
      - Conclusion

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