New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2015

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      This report is about registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2015. Basic information such as registered pesticides and registrants was reported in detail in the report in order to reflect the development status of the pesticide industry in China and guide investments and business movements for the upstream players who pay close attention to the industry or try to find opportunities from it.

      So what are the details about the registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2015?

      - According to data released by the ICAMA on 31 Dec., 2015, there were altogether 425 new registrations of pesticide technical (renewals excluded) in China in 2015, more than those between 2010 and 2014. However, registrations of new pesticide technical in 2015 increased by only 0.95% compared to that of 2014, significantly less than growth rates over the past three years (15.23%, 16.07% and 29.54% respectively from 2012 to 2014).

      - In 2015, 13 new pesticide technical were registered in China for the first time, including 7 fungicides, 3 herbicides, 2 fungicides and 1 acaricide. Of these, 7 (most were old products) were registered by multinational corporations and the other 6 were registered by domestic enterprises and were self-developed.

      - in 2015, Glufosinate-ammonium, nicosulfuron, clethodim, dicamba, mesotrione and imazamox are herbicides, the largest number ever registered in one year; thiamethoxam, pymetrozine, imidacloprid and nitenpyram are insecticides which had the largest quantity of new registrations; pyraclostrobin, azoxystrobin, boscalid, difenoconazole, fluazinam, dimethomorph and flutriafol were the most commonly registered fungicides.

      - Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd., Huai'anGuirui Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tianfeng Biological Sciences Co., Ltd. were the most active registrants, obtaining a large number of approvals. These three companies made more than 10 new registrations in 2015, and Weifang Rainbow in particular made 26 new registrations.

      In this report, registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2015 have been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:
      - New registrations of herbicide technical in China in 2015
      - New registrations of insecticide technical in China in 2015
      - New registrations of fungicide technical in China in 2015

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