Profile of Coming Off-Patent Agrochemicals in 2017-2027

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      The global market of agrochemicals in crop protection has kept a rising trend year by year and reached USD 59 billion in 2014, with the CAGR about 9% in 2007-2014. Patented and off-patent products have played an important role in the global market, account for over 60% of the global market share and the ratio is rising.

      The R&D for new generic products is down in recent years, and only 8-12 new generic products has promoted in the market each year. More and more enterprises began to shift their concerns form generic products to patented and off-patent products, especially the coming of off-patent products. 

      During the time from 2017 to 2026, patents of 48 pesticide varieties will expire, including 20 fungicide products, 14 herbicide products and 14 insecticide products.

      A comprehensive introduction and analysis for these coming off-patent products can help enterprises full understanding these products and find potential business opportunities.

      In this report, WBISS provides a detail profile for each coming off-patent product, and the detail data and information including:
      1. Basic information (formula, formulation types and chemical structure)
      2. Physical & Safety Data (physical properties, toxicology)
      3. Technology and synthesis route introduction
      4. Application (e.g. crops for application, diseases or insect pests and weeds for application, dosage)
      5. Patent situation in China, Japan, EU and USA (patent number and expiry date)
      6. Registration situation in 30 countries (registered product, specification, registrant)
      7. Key findings by WBISS

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