Supply and Demand of Glyphosate in China Description:Supply and Demand of Glyphosate in China Description:

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      With the higher profit and larger demand for glyphosate, the capacity has kept increasing since 2012. In 2015, the capacity of glyphosate reached more than 1,000,000 t/a. Although its capacity increased, the output of glyphosate was less than that of 2014. The capacity utilization rate in 2015 was less than 50%.

      Hubei Trisun Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the biggest glyphosate producer in China and the second biggest in the world with the capacity reaching 130,000 t/a in Nov., 2015.

      The outputs of glyphosate are focused in the big glyphosate producers whose capacity utilization rate can reach 80%. The capacity of Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Group was fully utilized. However, some small producers are struggling in 2016, and they may meet some problems like bankrupt or being merged in 2016.

      The glyphosate industry in China was sluggish in 2015. The ex-works price of 95% glyphosate technical kept going down in 2015. At the end of 2015, the price was close to cost value. This situation may due to the lower crude oil price, overcapacity, and soft agricultural market.

      Almost 80% of glyphosate in China are exported to abroad. They are mainly exported to Australia, Brazil, the US, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana and so on. According to the export data up to Nov., 2015, the export volume is estimated to be less than that of 2014, and the value was much less than that of 2014. As the genetically modified crop areas keep increasing and they will continue to develop and spread in the world, the demand for glyphosate at home and abroad will also keep stably increasing in the next few years. 

      This report mainly analyses the glyphosate industry of China from the aspects of supply, demand, price, consumption, export, as well as the future development at home and abroad.

      From the report, you can
      - Understand China's capacity, output and consumption of glyphosate from 2014 to 2015;
      - Gain insight into the glyphosate manufacturers from the aspects of capacity, output, distribution and pathway;
      - Realize glyphosate products' export circumstance;
      - Get potential expansions of glyphosate capacity in detail;
      - Use our long-term forecasts on glyphosate demand to adjust your strategy. 

      The research for the report is carried out by:

      Desk research 

      Through desk research, basic information, such as glyphosate registration, supply, supplier, import & export, GM crop planting and agricultural situation in major countries, is collected, mainly from the internet, magazines, periodicals and third parties.



      Telephone interview 
      Extensive telephone interviews are carried out in China, through which, we got some key information, including glyphosate use in major crops (number of applications, usage, rate of application, etc.), development of glyphosate-resistant weeds, glyphosate demand in China, major glyphosate suppliers and their market shares, etc. Such information helps we figure out the supply and demand situation of glyphosate in China.

      The interview and questionnaire survey have covered:
      - Key suppliers
      - Key researchers
      - Key traders and associations

      Imp. & exp. analysis
      From in-depth analysis of glyphosate import and export data in 2014-2015, the role of major countries and the flow trends of global glyphosate have been worked out.



      Report generation
      Logical analysis and scientific ratiocination have been conducted to generate the report, such as supply and demand analysis (bottom-up and top-down approach) and cross-checking of all the data. All the data and findings obtained through the above methods will be presented in the report clearly.

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