Specialty Biocides:Emerging Markets Analysis and Opportunities

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    • Summary
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      While the key historical European and U.S. markets for specialty biocides are maturating, emerging markets has been an important growth area for global suppliers of specialty biocides. Complementing the reports
      published in 2013 about the Chinese, European, Indian, and U.S. markets, Specialty Biocides: Emerging Markets Analysis and Opportunities covers the consumption and supply of over 100 specialty biocides in 19 majorend-use applications in three regions of high interest due to their growth potential: Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Brazil.

      This Report Will Help Subscribers to:
      • What are the sales of biocides by supplier and end-use application in each region?
      • Which suppliers are active in key applications, and which biocides are they supplying?
      • Who are the key customers in each application by region?
      • What are the main formulated products used in each applications, and what is their consumption?
      • What is the forecast consumption in 2018 by application and biocide?
      A concise qualitative report addressing pertinent market issues, challenges, and opportunities for water treatment, oil and gas, and wood preservation segments is included. The industrial preservation and hygiene will include reports as in detail as per subsegment.

      Concise Reports Content:
      •  Macro-economic data about the end-use industry
      •  Regulatory issues
      •  Products grades and prices
      •  Key customers overview
      •  Consumption by active biocidal ingredient
      •  Channels of distributions
      •  Competitive landscape
      •  Product formulation analysis: types of formulation used and estimated consumption
      •  Trends affecting the biocides market in the considered applications and market development

      Specialty Biocides: Emerging Markets Analysis and Opportunities will provide an independent appraisal of this complex market and explore market opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of specialty
      biocides. The results of the study are presented in two complementary tools: an interactive database and concise written reports for each end-use application considered.

      Databases data includes:
      • Total segment volume and value
      • Split by region/country
      • Split by product type/product category/product (active ingredient)
      • Split by suppliers
      • Forecast consumption of biocides (2014-2018)

      Products coverage includes over 100 specialty biocides in total (Table 2). Their consumption and supply will be analyzed in 19 major end-use applications (Table 3).

      Key Benefits
      This report will assist material suppliers in identifying opportunities within the global biopolymer industry. It will also serve as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process.
      • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving the global biopolymers market
      • Design your product development, marketing and sales strategies
      • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies
      • Identify key companies best positioned to take advantage of emerging market opportunities

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