Fungicide market in Japan

    Jan. 31 2018   Pages: 309   Language: English   Price: $4500

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                   This report was prepared to introduce agricultural fungicide use in Japan by active ingredient and by chemical group. Insecticide and herbicide versions will be prepared in succession. It includes volume of AI technical (ton) and sales (mYen) of products containing AIs based on ex-works. Statistics is information of pesticide manufacturing and shipment based on the latest publication of JMAFF in autumn 2017 that are reported by registrants in compliance with the Japan pesticide law. 140 AIs classifeied to 39 chemical groups are registered at the end of 2017. Formulation, mixtures, and crop areas of products containing AIs are reported. You can know how fungicides are used in Japan by AI and AI group. This will be useful for your business in the Japanese fungicide market.            

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