2016 African Agriculture Status Report: Progress towards agricultural transformation

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      Over the last decade, millions of small family farms in Africa have experience big changes. These farms are the continent’s main source of food, employment, and income. Many African governments have put agriculture back to the top of the development agenda, and from a growing revenue base, they have increased the proportion of their national budgets going to this vital sector. Private companies have invested heavily in Africa’s agriculture value chains in recent years, paving the way for a renaissance in Africa’s agri-food systems that multiplies the options for farmers in terms of the seeds they plant, the fertilizers they use, the markets they can now tap into, and the information services now available to help them manage their farming activities. Agricultural growth in Africa has also expanded livelihood opportunities for millions of people now engaged in the growing off-farm stages of the agri-food system.

      Offering a glimpse of future success, these advances 
      have helped inspire a new vision for Africa, one in which farming realizes its potential to help make the continent sustainable and hunger free.

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