Non-crop Pesticides on Forestry Segment in China

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       Focusing on Chinese non-crop pesticides on forestry segment, its market size has been estimated systematically. What’s more, based on a series of data and information analysis, many investment opportunities have also been given out in different aspects, including geographic opportunity, pesticide category opportunity, application opportunity, etc. So, this report will be very valuable to clients who are focusing on non-crop pesticide market on forestry segment and finding more opportunities and trends in this area.
      In the past decade, the global non-crop pesticide market size enjoyed a fast growth, with annual growth rate of about 5.7%, higher than that of crop-protection pesticide market (about 4.8%). It is estimated that it will increase to USD27 billion in 2015. Thereinto, the Chinese non-crop pesticide market plays an important role and its market size accounts for about 10% of the global total.
      Non-crop pesticides on forestry is an important segment in Chinese non-crop pesticide market, thanks for the large forestry land area and the development of forestry economy in China. In 2014, the market size of non-crop pesticides in China reached about USD220 million, and the market size in commercial forestry accounted for a large proportion, which is also a major growth point in the future.
      Different from crop pesticides, non-crop pesticides on forestry have some peculiarity in the aspects of pesticide varieties, application areas, purchasing patterns, etc. All these have also been introduced in this report, and you will obtain the following information:
      - Overview of Chinese forestry resource (2009-2014);
      - Market size of government forestry in 2014;
      - Market size of commercial forestry in 2014;
      - Simple geographic opportunity analysis by province in 2015-2016;
      - Opportunity analysis by product category;
      - Future trend on production and opportunity in application expanding.

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