Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China

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      China exported 25,702 tonnes of imidacloprid products valued USD271 million to other countries all over the world. What are the reasons for such a huge export volume? Where are the imidacloprid products exported to? And will the export volume keep on increasing in the next five years (2016-2020)?You can find the answers in this report about the above problems. It attaches importance to the following parts:

      --Update all the data related to imidacloprid industry from technical and formulations in China in 2011-2015, including registration, supply, export, price, consumption, etc.
      -- Identify the key players and potential producers of imidacloprid industry in China.
      -- Emphasize consumption of imidacloprid in 2011-2015, as well as the consumption structure by crops, regions and formulations in 2015.
      -- Figure out the development status of the industry and influencing factors including drivers and barriers.
      -- Forecast the imidacloprid industry's development in terms of supply, export and demand in 2016-2020.
      -- Get a clear understanding of the future development trend, and identify China's position of imidacloprid industry from a global perspective.
      --Explore commercial opportunities of imidacloprid industry in China under the context of the new global economic situation. Analyze substitutes for imidacloprid products in domestic market.

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