China Fungicide Trade Flows

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       In China, the fungicide industry's development has been at a relatively low level, only capturing a very small proportion in the global market. Due to the low ability to develop new high value-added fungicide formulations, domestic enterprises have to increasingly import fungicides from developed countries in Europe and the US. In 2013, both import and export of fungicides have witnessed growth in both volume and value in China. Mainly due to the stricter domestic environmental protection policies, China's annual export price of fungicides got increase in 2013.

      In this report, the trade flows of fungicide had been analyzed exhaustively in the following aspects:

      - Overview
      - Trading volume and value
      - Trading prices
      - Trading varieties
      - Trading countries or regions
      - Exporters
      - Key factors influencing trade flows
      - Trend of trade flows
      - Conclusion

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