New Off-Patent/Generic Agrochemicals 2015-2019

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    Enigma Marketing Research (EMR)

    Enigma Marketing Research (EMR), founded in 1988, specialise...
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      A new report, the 8th in the series, on the market for off-patent/generic agrochemicals which will assist companies to:

      • Identify their next off-patent/generic active ingredient for development.
      • Develop new opportunities in the buoyant and expanding off-patent/generic agrochemical sector.
      • Understand the issues of developing new off-patent/generic agrochemicals.
      • Analyse strategies for post-patent expiry market defence strategies.
      • Monitor competitor intelligence.

      In addition to patents to the active ingredient, data is provided covering SPCs to the active ingredient AND mixture products.

      Features 28 active ingredients the patents of which will expire between 2015-2019*

      Section 1: Identifying the next generation of off-patent active ingredients
      Since 2000, Enigma has identified 180 active ingredients with patents expiring between 2000 and 2019. With so many active ingredients coming off patent choosing the right off-patent/generic to develop requires in-depth analysis of many key areas including:
      • The Marketing Environment
      • Intellectual Property Rights
      • Chemistry/Technology of Manufacture
      • Registration Issues
      Assessing the “Knowledge Gap” is of paramount importance and failure to diligently examine each area is likely to lead to delays in market entry, lower than predicted returns and/or even abandonment of the project resulting in considerable loss of development costs.
      In this section, patent term extensions (SPCs) data protection and the segmentation of the market through mixture products are discussed as primary strategies used by inventor

      Section 2: Profiles of 28 active ingredients
      The active ingredient profiles contained in this report will help you determine which strategy, or combination of strategies is likely to be employed by the patent holder in order to protect market share.

      Key data in active ingredient profiles:
      • European patent number and expiry date
      • SPCs for the active ingredient
      • SPCs for mixture products
      • US patent number and expiry date
      Product Profile
      • Major development milestones
      • Major crops
      • Major markets
      • Major mixture products
      Registration Issues
      • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
      • EU Directive 91/414
      • Web links to registration documents
      • Synthetic pathway
      • Alternative synthetic pathway (where appropriate)
      • Key intermediates

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