World Outlook of Glyphosate 2012-2016

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      This report, the result of primary and secondary research into the points of glyphosate market, presents the most current analysis of glyphosate industry and the role it plays in crop protection segment. It is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to access key information about global development of glyphosate.

      This report is comprised of 3 main sections including supply and demand, glyphosate situation in 12 key countries and flow research. 10 key players are profiled. These 12 countries include 6 Asian-Pacific countries (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia), 3 South American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay), 2 North American countries (the US and Canada), and 1 African country (South Africa). As for each country, a clear picture about production, distribution and application of glyphosate is presented.

      Through this report, you can:
      • Understand the demand for glyphosate in each country and continent;
      • Have a clear picture of glyphosate flow among some important countries;
      • Be well informed of the supply of glyphosate technical and glyphosate formulations in these 12 countries including key players and brands;
      • Get to know the application of glyphosate in these 12 countries breakdown by crop, growing period (pre-seeding stage, pre-emergence stage and post-emergent stage);
      • Gain intelligence into possible activities of Chinese glyphosate players;
      • Know the purchasing behavior of some key multinationals such as Dow AgroSciences, Syngenta and Nufarm
      Currently, GM crops and no-tillage farming are the key drivers for glyphosate demand in the world. South America and North America contribute a large portion to global glyphosate demand because of the wide promotion of GM crops. What is the future trend of GM crops planting in these two continents and then the world? What is the future trend of glyphosate demand by region/continent? Which region(s) will be prospective market for glyphosate? The report will give you an insightful analysis on the above questions.

      Bio-fuel is another key factor for glyphosate demand. Bio-fuel, recognized as an important substitute for petroleum, gains rapid development all over the world, causing the growth in demand for feed stocks, such as sugarcane, oil palm and cassava. The hectare of these crops has kept increasing to meet the demand for bio-fuel. The main countries’ policies to bio-fuel and their impacts on glyphosate is included in the report.

      In a bid to figure out glyphosate flow, the survey has dived deep into global glyphosate supply chain, with glyphosate technical producers, glyphosate trade, key players and brands in main countries analyzed systematically. Moreover, an insightful research on the source and distribution of glyphosate of the top players in glyphosate market is provided in the report.

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