Global Bioherbicides Market – Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2014 – 2019)

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    • Summary
       Utilization of bioherbicides for weed control has not been adequately developed as a consequence of the dual challenges of efficacy and consistency of bioherbicide pathogens, the needs of the marketplace and inadequate support to expand and accelerate the rate of progress of this field. While use of synthetic herbicides overrides bioherbicides by a large extent due to their vast availability, this trend is expected to undergo an alteration because of innovative and sustainable solutions likely to be introduced.

      Within the biopesticides category, consumption of and demand for bioherbicides is the largest, though also the slowest growing. North America is anticipated as the largest market for bioherbicides and Asia-Pacific the fastest growing over the analysis period.

      This report on the global market for Bioherbicides from Mordor Intelligence focuses on key growth areas and markets, which can offer companies valuable insights for making knowledgeable strategies for investments.
       1. Introduction
      1.1 Methodology
      1.2 Definition of the Market
      2. Global Market Scenario
      2.1 Emerging Trends in the Pesticides Industry
      2.1.1 Demand for Food Safety and Quality Growing
      2.1.2 Biopesticides Gaining Market Share
      2.1.3 Research and Development Costs Burgeoning
      2.1.4 Developing Regions Witnessing Faster Demand
      2.1.6 The Controversy Surrounding GM Crops
      3. Global Regulatory Environment
       3.1 Regulations For Pesticides In The United States
      3.1.1 Regulations For Generic Producers Me-Too Registrations
      3.2 Regulations For Pesticides In The European Union (EU)
      3.2.1 EU Rules EU Policy
      3.2.2 Sustainable Use Of Pesticides Major Actions For The Sustainable Use Of Pesticides
      3.2.3 Approval Of Active Substances Procedure
      3.2.4 Maximum Residue Levels EU Rules On MRLs Setting Of EU MRLs
      4. Overview of the Global Bioherbicides Market
      5. Regional Market Analysis
      5.1 North America
      5.1.1 United States
      5.1.2 Canada
      5.2 Europe
      5.2.1 Germany
      5.2.2 France
      5.2.3 United Kingdom
      5.2.4 Italy
      5.2.5 Spain
      5.2.6 Rest of Europe
      5.3 Asia-Pacific
      5.3.1 Australia
      5.3.2 China
      5.3.3 India
      5.3.4 Japan
      5.3.5 South Korea
      5.3.6 Rest of Asia-Pacific
      5.4 Latin America
      5.4.1 Argentina
      5.4.2 Brazil
      5.4.3 Rest of Latin America
      5.5 Rest of World
      6. Competitive Overview
      7. Profiles of Major Companies
      7.1 Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd (Formerly Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd) (Israel)
      7.2 American Vanguard Corporation (United States)
      7.2.1 AMVAC Chemical Corporation (United States)
      7.3 Bayer CropScience AG (Germany)
      7.4 Bioworks Inc (United States)
      7.5 Isagro SpA (Italy)
      7.6 Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (United States)
      7.7 Natural Industries (United States)
      7.8 Valent Biosciences Corp (United States)
      8. Appendix
      8.1 Secondary Sources
      8.2 Disclaimers

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