Survey of Glyphosate Production Technology in China

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      Industrial affair:

      After years’ development, China has become the biggest supplier of glyphosate technical in the world. During this process, the production technology of glyphosate technical is also developing. Currently, there are two production pathways of glyphosate technical in China, namely aminoethanoic acid (AEA) pathway (also named glycine route) and iminodiacetic acid (IDA) pathway. The latter includes two routes: DEA (diethanolamine) route and IDAN (iminodiacetonitrile) route. Owing to different costs and accessibility of raw materials, the development trends of the three production routes are so varied. In addition, the environmental protection policies in China are becoming stricter, taking the environmental protection verification launched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China in 2013 as example, which have exerted great impact on the domestic glyphosate manufacturers. And the players in China have been increasing their investment in R&D and facility updating for waste treatment.

      Purpose of the report:
      CCM devotes itself to the study of China’s glyphosate production technology, aiming to help readers better understand the development situation of three different production routes and the waste treatment innovation in the glyphosate industry, so as to figure out the technology trend of the glyphosate industry in the country.

      Applicable user:
      - Manufacturers of glyphosate technical/formulations;
      - Manufacturers of glyphosate’s raw materials;
      - Researchers in the glyphosate industry;
      - Investors who want to step into China’s glyphosate industry.

      What to report:
      - The development of three production routes of glyphosate (AEA route, DEA route and IDAN route) in China;
      - Cost of raw materials for the three production routes in Oct. 2014;
      - Comparison of the three production routes in 2014;
      - Innovation on the waste treatment technology in 2012-2014.

      Value to client:
      - Understand the development trend of glyphosate production technology in China;
      - Understand the development trend of technology for glyphosate waste treatment in China.

      - Desk research
      - Telephone interview
      - Summarization

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