China Pesticide Industry Profile - CIC263

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      China Pesticide Industry Profile is an industry research report focusing on current development and trends in recent years of China pesticide industry.

      This pesticide industry report includes the industrial data for the year 2011, 2010 and 2009.

      This industry report may help you to:

      --- Learn about the overall development, industry size, shares and growth trends of China pesticide industry in last three years;
      --- Get a clear picture on the distribution of pesticide industry among different regions in Mainland China and their difference in management level;
      --- Discover hot spots for China pesticide industry, figure out potential provinces and cities suitable for investment, and learn about their local economic development level and their investment environment.
      --- Know well about the development of pesticide enterprises in different business types such as foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and the development of large, medium and small-sized pesticide enterprises in recent years as well as their positions in China pesticide industry.
      --- Get the name list of major 20 enterprises in China pesticide industry in terms of sales revenue.

      Based on a concise analysis in terms of major pesticide industry statistics such as sales revenue, industry profit, the rate of return on assets, number of enterprises and number of employees… China Pesticide Industry Profile presents a clear picture on China pesticide industry, including the industry size, distribution among regions in China, the development and pesticide industry trends in recent years. In addition, China Pesticide Industry Profile provides a comparative analysis on the business performances by business types and sizes, truly reveals the position of foreign enterprises in China pesticide industry. Moreover, this pesticide industry research report provides a name list of major 20 enterprises in China pesticide sector in terms of sales revenue.

      With intuitive data maps, China Pesticide Industry Profile compares the development of pesticide industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities. With ZEEFER Pesticide Industry Distribution Index, this pesticide industry report shows the differences in development of pesticide industry in different regions across the Mainland China.

      In addition, this pesticide industry report provides a data analysis on the investment environment in top 10 hot regions for China pesticide industry, presenting a number of indicators in all these regions, such as GDP, investment in fixed assets, FDI, purchasing price of raw materials, retail sales and CPI… provides a good reference for investors' decision on their choice of target regions for their investment.

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