Production and Market of Azoxystrobin in China

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      This report is a value analysis of azoxystrobin and and its raw material trimethyl orthoformate. The whole report is an integrated analysis and a professional forecast to guide investments and business movements for the players who pay close attention to azoxystrobin industry or try to find opportunities from it.

      Azoxystrobin is an important strobilurin fungicide in China. As an effective and environmental friendly fungicide, azoxystrobin plays a more and more important role at home and abroad in recent few years. In China, the capacity and output of azoxystrobin technical increased a lot from 2011 to 2015. Besides, it also witnessed a huge growth on the total export volume of both azoxystrobin technical and formulations in 2011-2015. In 2015, China exported azoxystrobin to 88 countries and regions, including Paraguay, Uruguay, India, Vietnam, Belgium, etc. 

      This report provides an overview of the azoxystrobin industry in China in the following aspects:
      - Supply and demand of azoxystrobin in China, 2011-2015
      - Technology of azoxystrobin in China
      - Price and consumption of azoxystrobin in China, 2011-2015
      - Export of azoxystrobin in China, 2011-2015
      - Future forecast on demand and price for azoxystrobin in China, 2016-2020
      - Profiles of major Chinese azoxystrobin producers

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