112 UK Crop Protection Companies Analysis

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      The report will give you a completely new insight into the performance, financial health and value of the UK's 112 leading Crop Protection companies. 
      You will receive an up to date opinion on each company showing those in difficulty, the fastest growing, the best takeover targets and much more. 
      The latest analysis will show you:
      -19 companies are in danger
      -31 companies are ripe for takeover
      -20 companies are making a loss
      -17 companies lose over a quarter of their value

      Based on the latest company data possible, it will let you:  
      -See how your own company compares to others
      -Pick out the latest hot acquisition prospects
      -Be alerted to companies that pose a threat
      -Get early warning of companies heading for failure
      -Spot exceptional performers in your market
      -Share the analysis with 5 colleagues

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