Survey of Amide Herbicides in China

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    With over 15-year development, CCMs research in Agriculture ...
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      With more than 50 years’ development, amide herbicides have become the most widely applied herbicide category in the world, playing a more and more important role in weed control thanks to its high popularity and low application cost. In the global market, acetochlor, alachlor, metolachlor and butachlor are the main amide herbicides in terms of sales volume. 
      China is one of the largest suppliers of amide herbicides in the world. Currently, more than 55 companies have registered amide herbicide technical in China. In the domestic market, amide herbicides take up around 20%-30% of the total herbicides in terms of consumption every year, with acetochlor being the largest amide herbicide.
      As we know, amide herbicides can be widely used in many crops, especially for the pre-emergent control of weeds in broadleaf crop fields. Coupled with the advantages of low cost, long validity and low residue, global demand for amide herbicides is very large.
      With the development of new post-emergent herbicides in China, together with the existing problems in amide herbicides such as toxicity and environmental pollution, the market share of amide herbicides is seeing a downtrend. However, amide herbicides still remain one of the most widely used herbicides in China.
      CCM has made a systemic research revealing the latest information on amide herbicides from the aspects of production, consumption, trade, etc., and forecast on Chinese amide herbicide industry, which will benefit both existing players and new entrants.

      This intelligent report attaches great importance to the following parts: 
      Supply summary of amide herbicides (capacity, output and key producers) and demand summary by volume & value in China, 2009-2012; 
      Detailed study of nine major amide herbicides in supply and demand 2009-2012, technical and formulation prices 2009-2012, export 2010-2012 and outlook 2013-2017 on output and domestic demand; 
      Forecast on Chinese amide herbicides in supply & demand and identification of key influencing factors for the development of this industry; 
      Commercial opportunities.

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