Top 10 European Specialty Chemical Companies: Changing Business Models, Strategies and SWOTs

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    Venture Planning Group(VPG)

    Venture Planning Group is an international market research, ...
    • Summary
    • Table of contents
      For each company, the report provides description of business, financial performance,
      growth strategies and SWOT analysis. The report presents consolidated & segmental
      financial performance; growth strategies & major acquisitions and divestments related to
      the specialty chemicals market; key partnerships & alliances; and business-related
      strengths & weaknesses.

      • Key drivers and resistors to growth of leading European specialty chemicals companies.
      • Common industry characteristics in strategies and performance.
      • Analysis of financial performance and growth strategies during 2005-2009.
      • Overview of specialty chemical product portfolios.
      • SWOT analysis.

      Research and analysis highlights

      Business Insights forecasts that the global specialty chemicals market will grow at a CAGR of 2% during 2010-14 to reach a total value of approximately $319bn in 2014.The 15 leading European companies generated $44.9bn sales in 2009, accounting for 15.6% of the $288bn global specialty chemicals market.BASF was the largest European specialty chemicals company with $13bn sales in 2009.The acquisition of Ciba in 2008 propelled the company's topline significantly.

      Key reasons to purchase this research

      •Learn from the strategies of European specialty chemicals companies to target future growth markets effectively
      •Benchmark your performance against the leading European specialty chemicals companies by understanding their strategies.
      •Measure the resilience of specialty chemicals operations of European companies during the economic downturn.
      •Compare performances of specialty and non-specialty chemicals operations of European companies.
      •Save time, money and resources on analyzing the performance of leading specialty chemicals companies using this report.

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