Agrochemicals in Ukraine - 2012

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      The present report provides a whole market picture that is a research result with the most possible deep
      detailed information.
      In order to give our customers the better understanding of analyzed country, this research provides an
      overview of the state of Ukraine (regional location, area, population, religion, natural resources, industry,
      etc.), as well as affect the general trends of Ukrainian agrarian sector.
      This intellectual product includes information as refer total crop area being sown in 2012, as well as the
      harvest of major crops, expressed in tonnes and percentage.
      The report gives the comparative characteristic evidently displayed in tables and diagrams of whole
      agrochemicals consumption in 2012 in comparison with 2011.
      The annual statistics of the agrochemical market are traced in details on months and quarters of 2012,
      the particular consumption of agrochemicals basic substances correlative with trade marks by months is
      The information is given about whole agrochemicals consumption within complete year including
      consumption on types, the rating of used active ingredients in whole volume of agrochemicals consumption
      including percentage of basic substance and formulation type, the active ingredients consumption in the
      context of types has been analyzed, the agrochemicals consumption in weight and worth on manufacturers
      and countries of origin, the interaction chains between manufacturers and consumers on active ingredients
      and suppliers have been traced, the manufacturers market shares on countries of origin have been analyzed,
      the consumers and suppliers market shares in whole volume of agrochemicals consumption have been
      presented, the detailed information about agrochemicals, which have been purchased by importers during
      analyzed period including their types, trade marks, active ingredients, package types have been given, the
      basic substance prices due to stock exchange fluctuation in cut of active ingredients maximum, medium,
      minimum prices have been counted.
      The Consumer’s and Supplier’s directory with appropriate companies contact details like telephone, fax,
      e-mail, web-site have completed the report. The data are resulted for the whole year of 2012.

      The primer target of this research is to help the professionals of the strategic groups and management
      team with taking a proper decisions while entering to the Ukrainian agrochemicals market and maximize the
      benefit while negotiate with business partners. It gives a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian pesticide industry
      and speaks comprehensively about 2012 year scenario of the important market tendencies.
      Present report is made on the basis of the statistical information received from the official sources

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