CEO 360 Degree Perspective on the Global Irrigation Water Systems Market - Disruption by Precision Irrigation to Provide Significant Growth Opportunities and Spur Innovative Business Models

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      This study provides a 360 degree perspective of the Global Irrigation Water Systems Market with a market size of $8.34 billion, which is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% from 2016 to 2021. In addition, the study encompasses segmentation breakdowns by irrigation architect, irrigation system types, components such as pumps and pipes, irrigation automation, irrigation data storage, and analytics. It highlights digital disruption-related trends and opportunities for key geographic and technology segments. The analysis also provides global market revenue outlooks and case studies of the best practices in the irrigation Industry.                                         

      Executive Summary- Sample Key Findings
      • The global irrigation industry is undergoing a transformation with the help of a technology widely known as precision irrigation. This technological transformation will drive the industry over the long term.
      • The global irrigation industry faces significant challenges due to changes in water policy, water scarcity, increasing crop production and climate change.

      CEOs Perspective
      The demand for transformational technology such as precision irrigation is expected to provide the greatest growth opportunity in the market.

      Market Drivers
      --Water scarcity to be a driver in replacing inefficient flood irrigation
      --Government support with subsidy and incentives to boost the micro irrigation market
      --Population growth to increase crop production

      Market Trends-Mega trends impacting the irrigation industry:
      --Connectivity and convergence:
      New technologies will enable innovative applications that will bring a change in irrigation practices. Big data to ramp up food production with less pressure on water resources.
      --Innovating to zero:
      In agriculture, early adoption of precision irrigation to ensure zero crop loss while reducing agriculture water footprint.
      --Smart is the new green:
      Smart irrigation is a solution where all the sensors are centrally connected and monitored, letting the growers and farmers to optimize their water use from their smart phones

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