Global Consumer House and Garden Pesticide Market: Market Analysis and Opportunities

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    • Summary
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      This analysis will provide consumer pesticide suppliers with the latest information on the size, structure, and outlook for the consumer pesticide market in the major countries of the world:
      Proposed Countries-a 
      North America and South America
      Western Europe
      -United Kingdom
      -South Korea
        Proposed Segments
      Lawn and Garden:

      Global Consumer House and Garden Pesticides: Market Analysis and Opportunities is a detailed analysis of this key segment of the consumer over-the-counter pesticide market.

      Segments to be covered include:

      • Household pest
      • – Insecticides
        – Rodenticides

      • Garden pest
      • – Insecticides
        – Insect repellents
        – Rodenticides
        – Herbicides
        – Fungicides
        - Distributors


      This report will focus on the application of consumer pesticides that are used as by consumers for protecting their homes and gardens. In addition, the report will provide an understanding of the current market conditions and what it will look like over the next five years.

      This report will provide:


      • Detailed brand/active ingredient sales information for the consumer pesticide and rodenticide markets in 12 leading countries.
      • Estimates of active ingredient usage targeted toward specific pest in each country.
      • Sales by each specific pest type for each country.
      • Detail on key trends such as natural or less toxic product usage that may be impacting this ever changing market.
      • Update on any new pest problems impacting these markets such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, and others.
      • Impact of government regulations on the consumer pesticide market. How new or existing regulations will change the makeup of the existing market. What will the future look like?

      The report will serve as an excellent reference for developing and executing marketing plans. It will provide:

      • Highly reliable and independent assessment of the competitive positions of the major suppliers of consumer house and garden pesticides within each country
      • Estimates of market sizes and outlook for 12 target countries
      • Insights into the trends of traditional pesticides versus the increase use of newer natural or less toxic products
      • A tabulation of unmet needs will be provided for each product category in each country

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