Glyphosate China Monthly Report(2013.04)

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    With over 15-year development, CCMs research in Agriculture ...
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      China is currently the largest glyphosate supplier in the world, with low production costs anda good chemical production foundation. The dynamics of China's glyphosate greatly impact the global supply structure. Over 80% of theglyphosate produced in China is exported to more than 20 destinationsworldwide. Despite its large output and capacity, China's glyphosate industry has many shortcomings, includingovercapacity, dispersed production, few overseas registrations, poor environmental protection awareness, lack of governmental supervision, inefficient production technology, etc. Changes in China's glyphosate industry have not only been considerable, but also frequent, puzzling both outsiders and insiders,ignoring where to go next. That's because the influencing factors are many and changing frequently, thus making it highly necessary for timely update and close follow-up of the dynamics in this industry. The Glyphosate China Monthly Report brings you the latest information and in-depth analysis on market trends, supply and procurement opportunities in raw materials and intermediates, technology process, price updates, new policies and company dynamic, etc.

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