Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017

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      If you are interested in finding out the price changes and the analysis of 15 pesticide AIs in China during June 2016–Sept.2017, you could have a look at this report—Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017. Those pesticides are very important on the Chinese market.
      In this report, we will show you the prices of 15 pesticide AIs, including methoxyfenozide, indoxacarb, pymetrozine, nitenpyram, thifluzamide, pyraclostrobin, azoxystrobin, trifloxystrobin, tricyclazole, cyazofamid, cymoxanil, famoxadone, mancozeb, cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam, in the form of charts.
      Their price trends were not the same during June 2016–Sept. 2017. But what factors influenced their prices trend? This report will be a good guide for pesticide companies who want to seek the opportunities in Chinese pesticide market.

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