Survey of Triazole Fungicides in China

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      Triazole fungicides, a category of broad-spectrum fungicide and unique mechanism of action compared to other fungicides, have witnessed fast development in the past few years in China, and have been playing an increasingly important role in the disease control on various crops in China, ranking the first place by market value in all the categories of fungicides in 2012.

      This intelligence report attaches importance to the following parts:
      - Supply summary of triazole fungicides (capacity, output, key manufacturers) and demand summary by volume & value in China, 2008-2012;
      - Detailed study of 10 major triazole fungicides from supply and demand 2008-2012, technical and formulation prices 2008-2012, export 2010-2012, and outlook 2013-2017;
      - Forecast on Chinese triazole fungicides on supply & demand, and identification of key factors influencing the development of this industry;
      - Commercial opportunities.
      Ten major triazole fungicides studied in this report:
      ? Triadimefon
      ? Triadimenol
      ? Tebuconazole
      ? Diniconazole
      ? Flutriafol
      ? Propiconazole
      ? Difenoconazole
      ? Myclobutanil
      ? Epoxiconazole
      ? Flusilazole

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