Soybean crop protection in Ukraine - 2017: new leaders, changes in the market structure

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      Soybean is a significant oilseed crop, and foreign markets continue increasing its demand rates for Ukrainian soybeans, which develops a growing interest in the oilseed among domestic farmers.

      --Are farmers ready to invest in improving of agricultural technologies in soybeans production?
      --How has the prime cost, including the share of crop protection products in its structure, changed in 2017?
      --What are the major types of fungicides, pesticides and insecticides applied in Ukraine?
      --How much do farmers spend on crop protection products, and how they choose the products?

      You can become acquainted with answers to all questions in the large-scale annual study, which covers the main types of grain and oilseed crops, and fruit and vegetables.

      Within frames of a panel study "Market of crop protection products in Ukraine - 2017", APK-Inform analysts demonstrated the first results of 2017. In the market segment of soybeans, there were noticeable changes which affected both the structure of applied crop protection products and the major market players:

      --As for the market structure of soybean protection products (in monetary terms) in 2017, the study reported about decreasing of the share of herbicides, while the shares of fungicides and other types of products slightly increased.

      --As for the market structure from the point of view of key players - suppliers/producers of crop protection products, then according to the study, several companies - such as BASF, August, Adama, Nertus - somewhat increased their shares on the market of crop protection products in the segment of soybeans.

      --Also, new market players entered the list of leaders. So, Ukravit entered the TOP-10 of companies-producers of fungicides applied in soybean growing, and significantly improved its positions on the market compared with the 2016 results. While analyzing the dynamics of changes in preferences of agrarians in choosing of the products, the company managed to enter the list of 2017 leaders in fungicides applied to soybeans.

      --As for the costs of farmers, the study showed that the average costs of farmers for crop protection products for per-hectare treatment of soybeans in Ukraine also changed in 2017, and reduced in the segments of fungicides and herbicides (down 34% and 17%, respectively), and significantly increased in insecticides (up 18%).
      First of all, such situation developed due to the weather factor, which will negatively affect the harvest volumes of soybeans in 2017, according to agrarians.

      Despite the fact that in 2017/18 MY the planted areas under soybeans in Ukraine increased by 7% compared with last season, and reached 2 mln ha, the forecast of yield somewhat reduced (down 9%), due to droughtly weather conditions, which will lead to a decline in production volumes (down 8%) compared with the last year record, to 4.1 mln tonnes.

      As a reminder, APK-Inform Agency started conducting its studies of the market of crop protection products since 2015, and every year the list of studied crop and countries continues growing. In 2017, APK-Inform analysts expanded the list of crops with sugar beet and peas. At the same time, the general number of studied grains/oilseeds, and horticultural crops, including potatoes, totals over twenty crops. Also, a number of respondents continues growing. In the current year, APK-Inform polled more than 1000 companies from all regions of Ukraine with a breakdown by farm sizes, starting with small-scale producers and until agricultural holdings. So, receiving of the unbiased estimation of the market and its changes is the main objective of the reporting project.

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