Global Potato Pesticides Application and the Opportunities for China Market

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      In early 2015, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture initiated a potato staple food strategy which promoted potato to be the 4th staple food following wheat, corn and rice, aiming at a further assurance of national food security. The initiative will surely bring a profound influence to the potato-associated pesticide industry.

      According to this report, China’s potato planting area is currently in the lead in the world but its pesticide appliction fell behind, which presents opportunities for future potato pesticides.

      The report points out that potato is planted through 4 seasons across northern and southern provinces of China due to China’s vast territory, high variety of climates, as well as potato’s short growth period, wide adaptability and poor-soil tolerance. From 2003 - 2013, China’s potato planting area increased by 3.1% on a yearly basis, reached 5.77 million hectares in 2013, which accounted for 29% of the world total potato planting area and 58% of Asia. So far China has become the world’s largest potato production country.

      China is a large potato planting country quantity wise, but not a really developed potato planting country. Statistics reveals that China’s per-unit potato production output was only 1,027 kg / Mu in 2013, which was only 81.5% of the world equivalent level. The lower per-unit yield is not only caused by the reasons of potato seed quality, mechanization and fine breed usage rate, but also attributable to the lower level of pesticide applications.

      The report summarized the worldwide pesticides used on potato, and analyzed the current situation of China market, aiming to find potential opportunities for relevant companies before entering into China market.

      Please note the report is in Chinese, if you need, we can translate it into English(the pirce will be 1700 USD+ translation fee)

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