Japan Pesticide Market Review (2016 edition)

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      There are 171 pesticide companies (who have registration) in Japan, in which 53 companies has 10 or above products. Why so many pesticide companies? This just shows pesticide is a good business in Japan. Considering pesticide specialized companies of Nihon Nohyaku and AgroKanesho , their sales rank is 8th and 14th respectively in Japan and their profit rate is about 10%. This is better than phamceuticals (8%) and much better than other manufacturing industries (5%). This is supported by high price of crops, mutual co-existence and mutual prosperity of pesticide companies, Zennoh’s very strong position in distribution chain and closed circumstance due to expensive registration cost and no generic system.

      There are two unique features in Japanese agrochemical market. One is the popularity of one-shot herbicide and Pre-mixture of insecticide and fungicide. Part-time farmers especially in rice production buy high price but convenient products such as one shot herbicide and pre-mixtures (Insecticide and fungicide). One shot herbicide is a popular rice herbicide formulation that contains 2-5 AIs (three is most popular) in it to control annual and perennial weeds with a single treatment in paddy rice. Pre-mixture of insecticide and fungicide is convenient to control many insect pests and diseases. This leads to cooperation between Japanese national pesticide companies and Multinationals companies to combine their new patent AIs in mixture preparations of one shot rice herbicides and mixtures of insecticide and fungicides. Another feature of Japanese pesticide market is that generic registration system with limited toxicicological data is not allowed in Japan. Pesticide industry enjoy it and consumers do not notice it. In this report, after outline of Japanese pesticide market and crop production are discussed, a list of sales ranking is shown and top 15 companies are analyzed on their domestic pesticide sales.

      If you want to know co-developer of your products or think possibility of your bisiness in Japan, this report should be valuable to you.


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      • Readers who are planning to study Japanese companies or to develop their pesticide in Japan will learn:
      • How is the Japanese agrochemical company ranking in 2015?
      • How is the sales result of Japanese most important agrochemical companies and their strategies in 2015?


      The reports conclude all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.


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