Thailand Pesticide In-depth Survey Report(Thailand Agricultural outlook|Thailand pesticide import analysis|Thailand pesticide market overview|Thailand market analysis by crop|Thailand pesticide registration model)

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      Agriculture has always been a backbone of Thailand’s economic foundation. The agriculture sector employs 39% of the work force and is estimated at 12% of GDP. Agricultural production is the main source of national income.
      The soil and climatic condition allow Thailand crops to be cultivated in a large range, crops that originate in the temperate, tropical and semitropical zones. According to AgroPages’ report <Thailand Pesticide Market Analysis> , top 5 crops by planted area in Thailand are Rice 10million Ha, Rubber 2.4 million Ha, Sugarcane 1.37 million Ha, Cassava 1.3 million Ha, Oil Palm 0.65 million Ha. And also, Thailand is the No.1 exporter of cassava products , No.2 of sugarcane products, No.6 of Rice and No.15 of vegetable & fruit in the world.
      According to the data of 2016, Thailand pesticide market value arrived 589 million USD, up 6.7% y-o-y. Thereinto, herbicide 277 million USD, fungicide 129 million USD and insecticide 111 million USD. In Thailand, 44% of pesticide is used on Food crops like rice, corn, cassava and sugarcane; 7.6% used on oil crops like oil palm, soybean, coconut; 8.6% used on vegetables like baby corn, garlic, shallot, onion, potato, etc;  23% used on fruits like pineapple, longan, durian, mangosteen, etc; 15% used on perennial trees, and the last used on ornamental plants. 
      In 2016, the top 3 herbicides are Glyphosate, Paraquat and 2,4-D, top3 fungicides are Propineb, Mancozeb and Carbendazim, top 3 insecticides are Chlorpyrifos, Cypermethrin, Carbaryl. 
      Apparently Thailand has a huge market for pesticides, but Thailand is also a high competitive market for pesticide business. Until now, in the part, Thailand has 26,000 registered pesticide products. From year 2012 to Aug 2016, Thailand had got 9,000 register updates, and still 4,000 registers remain on the queue of submission process. 
      AgroPages published the report <Thailand Pesticide Market Analysis> to help reader have a comprehensive understanding of Thailand market from several aspects , Part 1: Thailand Agricultural outlook,Part 2 : Thailand pesticide import analysis(2012 - 2016),Part3: Thailand pesticide market overview (2012-2016),Part4: Thailand market analysis by crop,Part 5: Thailand pesticide registration model, procedure, time table. 
      Special attention, the report will also provide the specification & price information of retail products, and major distributors information to further help you locate the business opportunity in Thailand.

      If you are interested in the report, please contact, or leave message online. 

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