China Pesticide Industry Overview 2014

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      As is known, China is the largest country by pesticide production, also one of the top countries by pesticide consumption. China’s pesticide is developing in a high speed, but it is still a long way to catch up the frontrunners globally. It is a recapitulative statement said by pesticide insiders that China is a large country in pesticide industry, not a strong one yet. High production waste, low profit margin, few products by self-innovation, large number of scattered small-scale producers are China pesticide’s main features currently, and will last for a certain period.

      Under the backdrop, China’s governmental departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) are devoting themselves to guide domestic pesticide development for health, safety and environmental friendliness. In 2014, environmental protection examination (scrutiny) of glyphosate (PMIDA) industry has been formally initiated for laying more stress on clean production, which is the biggest concerned affair for pesticide industry in the year. More series of laws, administrative measures and guidance lines about pesticide administration or environment protection are adjusted and reinforced continuously.

      As the main body in the industry, domestic pesticide enterprises look forward to accelerate development through several methods, including foreign-investment, overseas-registration for pesticides, cross-industrial cooperation with seeds companies, and merger & acquisitions. They expect to heighten Chinese enterprises’ status in international trade market with more powerful negotiation ability.

      About the report

       In the report of China Pesticide Industry Overview_ 2014, it is concerned with policies, top 10 events, pesticide registration, production, price, import & export, market demand, merger & acquisitions and R&D in domestic industry. In addition, the report has presented basic situations on planting area of crops and pests & diseases in China, provide convenience to recognize China’s pesticide more comprehensively.

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