Phillipines Pesticide Registration Guideline

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      Registration of pesticide in Philippines is regulated by Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA). An application for registration or re-registration of a pesticide shall be made to the FPA.

      For the purpose of registration, pesticides are divided into 2 categories namely proprietary and commodity.
      Commodity pesticides are pesticides containing active ingredients which are off-patent and have been registered in Philippines for not less than 8 years.
      Proprietary pesticides are pesticides that are not commodity pesticides as defined above are classified as proprietary pesticides. In case a pesticide mixture containing proprietary and commodity active ingredients, the pesticide shall be considered as a proprietary pesticide.
      The report described the detailed pesticide registration requirement in Philippines  respectively from following aspects: 

      1. New application of Technical product and Formulation product 
      2. Application of New source for Technical product and Formulation product
      3. Third party authorization registration 
      4. Registration renewal 
      5. Modifications/Changes in the Registration of a registered product

      You will also have the full list of registered pesticide products in Philippines in the report. 

      Besides Philippines, if you are interested in pesticide registration requirements of any other countries, please leave message online or mail to . 

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