Top 10 exported fungicide products from China in 2014

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         The report is based on the total export data of fungicide products from China Customs in 2014. In 2014, there 0.15million tons of insecticide were exported from China to globe, value at 1.09 billion USD. 

      The report will give you a comprehensive analysis on the top 10 exported fungicide products from China, each product listed will be analyzed in detail by exporter, by destinations, by price and by specifications.

      What's more, detailed export data covering product name, formulation type, active ingredient, valume, export price, exporters and destinations will also be provided for your reference.

      For each product, you will find the major exporters with their contact information.

      If you want to participate in China pesticide market, especially do business with Chinese companies, this report will be a must-see intellegence for you.

      This report can help you:

      - Trace the trading trends of Chinese fungicide market
      - Find out the major exported fungicide products in 2014
      - Locate the potential partners from China

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      For the exporting analysis for specific product, please contact for more information

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