Survey Report of Paraquat and Its Potential Substitutes in China Market

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      According to Announcement No.1744 of the Ministry of Agriculture of China issued on 24th, April 2012, China has decided to implement a restrictive measure on paraquat product to ensure the safety for production and use of paraquat. From 1 July 2014, paraquat aqueous solution registration and production permit shall be cancelled while technical concentration aqueous solution registration is maintained only for export purpose. Sales and use of aqueous solution product in China shall be terminated from 1 July 2016.

      It will be a very
       fierce competition for herbicide manufactuers in the market left by Paraquat aqueous .
      In this detailed survey report, we will provide you a full view of the Paraguat 
      aqueous market in China and our perspective on its potential substitutes.

      The report content will be mainly from our primary data, interview and investigation, secondary data will also be included, but mainly for supplement and verification.


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