Myanmar agrochemical market reports and guidelines

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      Myanmar is a fast-growing agmarket full of potentials. Myanmar’s agricultural production accounts for 65% of its GDP.

      Myanmar’s land area exceeds that of Vietnam and Thailand, so its land for agriculture will generate great potentials for development because its planted area is only as big as that of Vietnam.

      Myanmar’s agricultural production has grown rapidly including fruit and vegetables, especially with the improvement to people’s living standard, the increase of population and the growth of export. However, the undeveloped crop protection technology and scarcity of pesticide are one of the main reasons for the lower agricultural output. Taking an example of rice output, Myanmar’s output per hectare is 70% of that of Thailand and 55% of that of Vietnam while the income per hectare is only 1/3 of that of Thailand and Vietnam. At present the use of crop protection product in Myanmar is only 8 – 10% of that of Vietnam, showing that there will be great potentials of increase of crop productions both quantity-wise and quality-wise; the application of crop protection product and growth of market cannot be ignored. Nowadays, its fertilizer, pesticide and farm machinery would rely on importation which provides great business opportunities.


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      Readers who are planning development of pesticide in Myanmar will learn:

      What are the major AIs and its annual sales?

      What are the major crops?

      Who are the local main distributors?

      What are the agrochemical registrations rules in Myanmar?

      How is the end-use price in Myanmar market?

      How do multi-nation companies develop their business in Myanmar?

      How to success in Myanmar agrochemical business?


      The reports conclude all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.


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