Global Key Herbicides Applied on Genetically Modified Crop

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    With over 15-year development, CCMs research in Agriculture ...
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      This report mainly analyses the key herbicides applied on GM crops including glyphosate, glufosinate-ammonium, 2,4-D and dicamba from the aspects of supply and consumption. It also introduces the historical development of GM crops in the world, and figure out the future development trend of GM crops and then the future trends of key herbicides applied on GM crops.

      From the report, you can
      - Understand the underlying trends driving change of the global GMC (genetically modified crops); 
      - Gain insight into the key herbicides applied on GMC from the aspects of supply and consumption;
      - Get more information of the major biotechnology players including Monsanto and Syngenta;
      - Use our long-term forecasts on GMcs and key herbicides applied to adjust your strategy. 

      The fast promotion of Roundup Ready (glyphosate tolerance) crops in the world has made glyphosate he world's biggest selling herbicide, in terms of both sales volume and sales value. However, with the rapid adoption of glyphosate tolerance crops and the corresponding increase in glyphosate use, the evoluation of glyphosate-resistant weed population has rapidly escalated. Some biotech companies started to development GMC resistant to other herbicides such as glufosinate-ammonium dicamba and 2,4-D. 

      Then how the development trend of glyphosate tolerance crops and other herbicides crops will be from 2016-2020? Whether glyphosate tolerance crops will still keep the dominant role or be replaced by other herbicides crops? How will the GMC development influence the key herbicides applied?

      To unfold the overall market of the world's key herbicides applied on GMC, CCM has done deep research from the following aspects:
      - Historical development of GMC (by crop, by country, by trait) in the world in 2005-2014;
      - Dynamics of key biotech players including Monsanto and Syngenta;
      - Supply of key herbicides including glyphosate, glufosinate-ammonium, dicamba and 2,4-D (capacity, output and key manufacturers) in the world in 2013-Q1 2015;
      - Consumption of the key herbicides in three countries including the US, Brazil and Argentina;
      - Forecast on GMC and the key herbicides applied till 2020.

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