Strategic Analysis of the Crop Protection Chemicals Market in South Africa and Kenya--A Critical Time for Farmers

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      This research service provides an overview of the crop protection chemicals market in South Africa and Kenya from 2012 to 2019. It provides an analysis of four segments, namely herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other chemicals (biopesticides, adjuvants, and plant growth regulators). This report also covers market drivers, restraints, and key macro-economic indicators. Market sizes, key market participants, and product and technology trends are also included. A discussion on country-specific trends and various inputs affecting the market for crop protection chemicals is explained in detail.

      Key Questions this will answer?
      • What is the size of the crop protection chemicals market in Kenya and South Africa?
      • What are the overarching trends or factors that influence market growth?
      • What are the major sgements of crop protection chemicals and what are their market revenue and growth rates?

      CEO's Perspective
      The crop protection chemicals market is set to grow significantly in the long-term in South Africa and Kenya,driven by a growing population and an increasing need for food safety.

      Key Market Drivers(3-4 years)
      • Growing population and food security
      • Pesticide resistance to selected active ingredients
      • Higher crop yield from less agricultural land

      The Last Word
      • Despite significant growth potential, the crop protection chemicals market is expected to witness a major slump due to a severe El Nino in 2015 and 2016.
      • With increasing regulatory scrutiny and the review of existing chemicals, the number of approved chemicals for crop protection chemicals is expected to decrease, requiring manufacturers to sustain competitive market positioning.
      • The market is likely to witness a trend that favours the development for sustainable,eco-friendly and cost-effective crop protection chemicals.

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