Analysis of Pesticides Market in North America and Western Europe

    Mar. 18 2015   Pages: 180   Language: English   Price: $6000

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      Fungicides and biopesticides are expected to be top drivers of pesticides market in both North America and western Europe

      This study analyzes the current state and future prospects of the pesticides market in North America and Western Europe. North America includes the United States and Canada; Western Europe includes Germany, France, Italy, UK & Ireland, Scandinavia (covering Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), Benelux (covering Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Iberia (covering Spain, Portugal), and Alpine (Austria, Switzerland). 

      The study is segmented into herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and biopesticides. Revenue and volume forecasts, trends and market share analysis are provided for each segment. Drivers, restraints and market trends for the different crop protection products are discussed. Detailed market share analysis is provided for each segment. The study period is 2010-2018, with 2013 as the base year.

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