Annual Reports Analysis of Listed Planting-Related Companies in China

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      In China, listed planting-related companies are generally classified into four categories: grain and oil processing companies, sugar production and processing companies, fruits and vegetables production and processing companies and other comprehensive agriculture companies. Each category targets at different market segments, sells different products and also has its own distinctive characteristics in the development trend. As representatives of planting-related companies in China, the listed enterprises are supposed to be guides for the development of the whole industry. 

      In this report, annual reports of 13 domestic listed enterprises involved in plating-related business are summarized and analyzed in the following aspects:
      • Total revenue and net profit, 2009-2013
      • Business structure by sales revenue, 2013
      • Revenue and annual growth rate by region, 2013
      • Revenue and gross profit margin of plating-related business, 2009-2013
      • Revenue from the top 5 customers, 2013
      Besides, major factors for these companies' performance in 2013 also have been analysised in detials.

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