Canada Biopesticides Market – Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2014 – 2019)

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    • Summary
       Canadian demand for biopesticides has been witnessing rapid growth in organic, as well as traditional farming techniques. Chemical or synthetic pesticides have been subjected to mounting regulations and pest resistance issues, a fact that has not been hidden from growers. This has been instrumental in opting for natural alternatives that can offer similar maintenance and crop yield, even while cutting down on the environmental issues associated with chemicals. Despite growers being encouraged to use biopesticides for some time now, the Canadian market was lacking in adequate supply of registered products. However, this scenario has now changed, thereby providing the required impetus in promoting demand for biopesticides. As a consequence, Canada’s volume consumption of biopesticides is poised to post a 2014-2020 CAGR of 14.7%, which, in terms of value is likely to be considerably faster at 17.4%.

      Mordor Intelligence’s new report on the Canadian market for biopesticides provides major insights into the domestic scenario, with a focus on key growth areas that would be of assistance to companies in making decisive investments.
       1. Introduction
      1.1 Methodology
      1.2 Definition of the Market
      2. Global Market Scenario
      2.1 Emerging Trends in the Pesticides Industry
      2.1.1 Demand for Food Safety and Quality Growing
      2.1.2 Biopesticides Gaining Market Share
      2.1.3 Research and Development Costs Burgeoning
      2.1.4 Developing Regions Witnessing Faster Demand
      2.1.5 The Controversy Surrounding GM Crops
      3. Overview of the Canadian Market for Biopesticides
      4. Market Segmentation
      4.1 Biopesticides
      4.1.1 Bioherbicides
      4.1.2 Bioinsecticides
      4.1.3 Biofungicides
      4.1.4 Other Biopesticides
      5. Competitive Overview
      6. Profiles of Major Companies
      6.1 Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd (Formerly Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd) (Israel)
      6.2 American Vanguard Corporation (United States)
      6.2.1 AMVAC Chemical Corporation (United States)
      6.3 Bayer CropScience AG (Germany)
      6.4 Bioworks Inc (United States)
      6.5 Isagro SpA (Italy)
      6.6 Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (United States)
      6.7 Natural Industries (United States)
      6.8 Valent Biosciences Corp (United States)
      7. Appendix
      7.1 Secondary Sources
      7.2 Disclaimers

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