Agrochemicals Market by Type (Fertilizers, Pesticides), by Fertilizer Type (Nitrogenous, Potassic, Phosphatic), by Pesticide Type (Organophosphates, Pyrethroids, Neonicotinoides, Bio-Pesticides), & Sub-types - Global Market Trends & Forecast to 2018

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       Agrochemicals are specially engineered and developed chemicals that are witnessing average growth in its market demand. This growth is mainly driven by the increase in global population which is increasing the food demand. The increasing calorie intake per capita is also an additional factor for increasing food demand. Agrochemicals are extensively being used to improve per hectare production of crops that can be used for food and industrial application. The industry application of crops includes fuel blending and polymer manufacturing. Agrochemicals contribute towards the improvement of factors that affect the production of crops such as macro and micro nutrient supply, soil nutrient restoration, protection from plant diseases, etc. The three major macro nutrients i.e. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K) can be mixed in different ratios to obtain a fertilizer suiting a particular soil nutrient profile. In the same way, different types of chemicals or bio-source can be mixed or reacted to obtain an active ingredient that can act on specific or wide range of pest spectrum. These capabilities of agrochemicals make them essential for use on a wide range of crops and regions.

      This study estimates the global agrochemicals market by the end of 2018. Asia-Pacific is the most dominant market for agrochemicals owing to large and growing demand of crops for food. Fertilizers can also be in liquid state apart from solid (granular or particles) which has the advantage of faster nutrient transportation to plant roots over others. Liquid ammonia can be used as a liquid fertilizer, but due to its hazardous nature its application is limited to North America and in some other countries in small quantities. Hence, other safer solutions of nitrates or NPK are used. 
      This market research study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global agrochemicals market. The report provides a comprehensive review of major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, winning imperatives, and challenges in the market. The market is further segmented and forecasted for major geographic regions that include North America, Europe, Asia–Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of the World. Competitive scenario and market share of the top players in the market has been discussed for fertilizers and pesticides. The top players of the industry are profiled in detail with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities.

      Market has also been segmented on the basis of product types separately for fertilizers and pesticides. Major fertilizer types include nitrogenous, potassic and phosphatic. Major types of pesticides include organophosphates, pyrethroids, neonicotinoides, and bio-pesticides. All these types have been discussed in detail and a comprehensive view and forecast is provided for each category with the market volume and revenue.

      We have used various secondary sources such as company’s annual reports, directories, and databases to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study of agrochemicals. The primary sources like experts from related industries have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of agrochemicals.
      We have also profiled leading players of this industry with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. Key companies in the global agrochemicals market include Syngenta (Switzerland), BASF (Germany), Monsanto (U.S.), Bayer AG (Germany), Sumitomo Chemical (Japan), Yara International (Norway), Agrium (Canada), Dow AgroSciences (U.S.), ICL (Israel), etc.

      Scope of the report

      This agrochemicals market research report categorizes the global market on the basis of product type, their sub-types and geography; forecasting volume and revenue and analyzing trends in each of the submarkets:

      Agrochemicals Market by Type: The Agrochemical market has been divided into two segments namely Fertilizers and Pesticides. Each of the segments has been further segmented to their types. The Fertilizer segment is divided into Nitrogenous, Phosphatic and Potassic fertilizers. While the Pesticide segment is divided into Organophosphates, Pyrethroid, Neonicotinoides, Biopesticides and Other pesticides. In order to give an in-depth market analysis of the agrochemicals market, all of the above mentioned types have been further sub-divided into their respective types.

      Agrochemicals Market by Geography: This market study covers the agrochemicals market by following regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (ROW).

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