Specialty Pesticides 2011 Russia: Market Analysis and Opportunities

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      The study will provide an in-depth analysis of the key specialty pesticide market segments within Russia. The market segments to be covered are listed below:
       Professional pest control
      Stored grain
      Rural hygiene

      The study will present an assessment of the leading specialty pesticide markets in Russia, including market size and brand shares. It will cover the leading product types (as appropriate for each market segment) and brands, along with the major active ingredients and sales value at the manufacturers’ level. It will also provide information on the major pest species, trends, product pricing, and sales of major suppliers within each market segment.

      Key Benefits
      The study will provide subscribers a snapshot of the specialty pesticide market in Russia, including data by market segment, product type, and pest target treated.
      The report will provide subscribers the information to:
      Identify leading active ingredients, brands, and key uses by market segment and product type
      Identify potential alliances, acquisition candidates, and/or customers
      Understand their competitive market position within Russia
      Locate potential niche business opportunities or new markets
      Pinpoint market trends and future growth

      Detailed active ingredient and brand information will clarify the current environment in each market segment and indicate how a supplier's new actives and formulations might fit into these markets. It is also important to understand the impact of global brands versus local generic formulations in these key specialty pesticide markets. This report will provide a snapshot of the current situation and future trends as seen by local experts in these markets. This study will be of particular benefit to global pesticide suppliers looking to track their competitive position in the Russian specialty pesticide market.

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