Analyzing Pesticides Industry in United States

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      The US market for agricultural goods is one of the largest in the world and therefore sales of pesticides in the country are quite high. Due to the economic slowdown since 2008, demand for pesticides in the US has been experiencing a decline. Herbicides are the leading segment in the industry, followed by insecticides and fungicides.

      Since pesticides employ both chemical and biological agents for controlling of a wide variety of pests, the industry is controlled by strict regulations and major industry players have to abide by these legislations in order to bring a product to market.

      The biggest players in the US pesticide industry were Bayer AG, Monsanto Company, Syngenta AG followed closely by BASF, Dow Chemical DuPont, SC Johnson & Son, SePRO, Zep and others.

      Aruvians Rsearch analyzes the pesticides industry in the US in its research offering Analyzing Pesticides Industry in United States. The report is a complete analysis of the industry through the leading segments of Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, and others.

      The report analyzes the US market for pesticides though an industry overview, market demand, the market for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other pesticides.

      Industry trends, industry structure, and technical developments in the industry are analyzed, followed by an analysis of the import/export scenario of the industry. Regulatory framework that has influenced the market significantly in recent years is also analyzed.

      The industry's future perspective is looked at through a segment-wise market forecast as well as an industry outlook.

      An analysis of the major market players such as Monsanto Company, Bayer AG, Syngenta AG, and others through a corporate profile, business segment analysis, financial analysis, industry presence, and a SWOT analysis, completes this comprehensive analysis of the Pesticides Market in the US.

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