2018 China Chlorothalonil Export Report

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      Chlorothalonil as a broad spectrum and protective fungicide, its global market value reaches 325million USD, ranking 15 in all the fungicides and ranking 3 in protective fungicides. China is the largest producing and exporting country of Chlorothalonil around the world. In 2017, China’s Chlorothalonil TC exports amounted to 100million USD, formulation exports valued 0.6million USD.


      Since 2018, according to AgroPages’ report “2018 China Chlorothalonil Export Report”, it is apparently you will see a sustained rise in the unit price of China’s Chlorothalonil TC and formulation from January to July, only to drop a little back in August but they are still 10%-25% higher y-o-y.    


      If you are interested in tracking China Chlorothalonil export information, you may order “2018 China Chlorothalonil Export Report”, which will be updated by month till December of 2018, and your benefits as following: 


      -To have the real China Chlorothalonil export FOB price by specific technical and formulation every month 

      -To track the value & volume change exported to globe from China by specific Chinese supplier  

      -To locate which markets the various kind of Chlorothalonil technicals and formulations are exported to and you will know the exporter and their price

      -To evaluate the ability of exporters from China and locate the suitable partner for further business cooperation

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