Use of natural enemy in Japan.

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                   Scope: This report was prepared to introduce use and regulation of natural enemy pesticides in Japan. Here natural enemy pesticides contain insects and mites of arthropod. The usage of natural enemy pesticides has another problem that may cause adverse effect to environment, and natural enemy pesticides are susceptible to adverse condition of temperature and humid. Only limited number of products have been introduced in agricultural field in Japan that have overcome the above difficulty. The sales have been gradually increased. The regulation of pesticide registration is not established definitively, still in draft because of difficulty of evaluating environmental impact. However, it is useful to know how the authority considers it for their approval. Thus, this report will be useful for researchers of agronomy and person of pesticide company who want to sell their products in Japan. Reasons to Buy Readers who are producing natural enemies will learn: How is sales of natural enemies in Japan? What is the composition of sales of natural enemies in Japan? What are important pest for natural enemies in Japan? What are most popular natural enemies used in Japan? Who are the local distributors? How to get registration approval of natural enemy in Japan? The reports conclude all necessary data in figure or in table. You can study the necessary information from the report.            

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