National food safety standard-- Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food(GB 2763-2014)

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      On March 28th MOA and NHFPC has published the new Standard GB 2763 2014 which is going to enter into force on August 1 2014 and replacing GB 2763 2012.  Compare with its precursor, GB2763-2014 set 3,650 limits 12 categories and 284 kinds of food commodity, a noticeable expansion upon the 2012 version, in which limits of 10 categories and 284 kinds of food were provided. The primary produce such as fruit juice and dried fruit will firstly be subject to Chinese MRLs.The new Standard covers about 1350 new limits, raising the number of pesticides from 280 to about 380. It has also  re-organized food categories and commodities.  About half of the MRLs are adopted from CODEX Alimentarius, taking the same or even more stringent limits. 

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