Consumer Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers 2012: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

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      This market study presents data on the U.S. consumer market for pesticides, fertilizers, and related products in two sections.

      Section One
      : Business Analysis provides information on market size, brand shares, advertising expenditures, distribution patterns, and forecasts for each of 11 product categories and profiles of roughly 50 major suppliers and leading distributors in the industry.

      Section Two: Consumer/Retailer Profiles presents data on the buying and selling practices for 13 product categories based on more than 1,500 consumer interviews. It also includes tabulated results of all responses to these structured surveys.Fully revised for the 2011 end-use season, this eighteenth-edition study examines the following topics for 13 product categories:

      • Important product and company developments, acquisitions, and divestitures by category
      • Market size and competitor shares by category
      • Market trends, opportunities, and forecasts by category
      • Leading products, prices, and suppliers by category
      • Profiles of 50 leading suppliers and distributors
      • Consumer buying patterns
      • Forecasts generated from Kline's FutureView analytical forecasting model

      This report is designed to:

      • Provide subscribers with a highly reliable and independent assessment of the size and scope of the consumer markets for pesticides and fertilizers at both the marketer and end-user level.
      • Provide sales trend information by market segment for the last 10 years.
      • Detail sales by product type, form, and supplier for 11 different market segments.
      • Profile approximately 50 suppliers and distributors of products to the consumer markets for pesticides and fertilizers, including sales by product type and brands sold.
      • Detail the various acquisitions and divestitures that have taken place in these market segments over the past two years.
      • Present data compiled from over 1,500 homeowner surveys grouped into six major product sections that provides a detailed description of buying patterns by various demographic categories.

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