Glyphosate export analysis monthly 2013.04

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    With over 15-year development, CCMs research in Agriculture ...
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      Glyphosate export analysis will help clients indentify export situation of technical and formulations with exclusive research methods, to offer not only the target products’export volume, price, time, source / destination countries, specification, application, but also the information of exporters, manufacturers, etc. Also, Glyphosate export analysis has a extra service of Manufacturer-to-Buyer analysis.

      MTB (Manufacturer –To– Buyer) Mapping is the extension of  import and export analysis. It further maps the manufacturers & buyers and end users'information after the step of import/export analysis to give you a clear picture of a particular product's trade flow from domestic/ overseas manufacturers -> Chinese importers/exporters/consumers (import/export volume, price, date, customs)
      -> end use sectors (specification and application industries), and identify the dynamics of major players, monthly market dynamics and trends,

      Subscribing for at leat six monthes.Price:

        price($) total price with MTB($)
      0.5year 3000      5950
      1year 5400      10800
      1.5years 7300      14600
      2years 8650        17300

      Subscribing for past/coming monthes report, please contact:

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