Seed Treatment 2012 Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities

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      A comprehensive analysis designed to provide crop protection suppliers with the latest information on the size, structure, and outlook for the seed treatment pesticide market in major country/crop markets across the globe.

      Specifically, this report assists subscribers by:
      • Estimates of market sizes and outlook for key seed treatment crops in 19 countries
      • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the competitive positions of the major seed treatment suppliers in terms of product sales and market share
      • Management-level insights into the reasons for treatment, the key insects and diseases being treated, and the leading products in each segment
      • For marketers interested in increasing their penetration into seed treatment, we will provide an assessment of strengths and weaknesses for current products and a tabulation of unmet needs provided by our respondents
      • For product developers, we will provide an overview of the cultural practices used by growers to produce their crops, the role of seed treatment, and opportunities to establish or increase market penetration

      A number of converging trends make this the right time for this overview:
      • As commodity prices remain high for growers around the world, it makes even more sense for growers to invest in protecting their crops.
      • As biotechnology advancements have increased the value of some field crop seed by introducing new traits, growers have demanded better protection of that seed to maximize their return on investment.
      • At the same time, new active ingredients have been introduced that present new opportunities for seed protection.
      • New insect-resistant genetic traits in corn and cotton have changed the spectrum of pests to protect against, resulting in niche markets for seed companies that treat seeds for insect protection.


      This report will focus on the application of fungicides and insecticides but will include other treatments that may be applied as a way of protecting the seed and seedlings, as well as enhancements such as colorants. It will review the most common seedling diseases for the crops being studied, address cultural practices and non-chemical control methods, and then focus on the technologies and products used to treat seed prior to planting.Most of the report will focus on off-farm treatment, but in cases where on-farm treatment is important, these treatments will be covered as well.

      Crops covered in the report are:
      Sugar beets
      Canola/oilseed rape 

       You can also buy signal country report included in this series:
      Argentina, Australia,Brazil,Canada,China,France,Germany,Hungary,India,Italy,Japan,Mexico,Poland,Russia,South Africa,Thailand,Ukraine,United Kingdom and United States

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