Crop Protection Chemicals Market - Global And Developing Countries (China, India And Brazil) Analysis, Market Size, Trends And Forecasts (2009 - 2016)

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      Global crop protection chemicals market continues to grow and discover new growth opportunities in emerging economies. However, market maturity attained by some of the most widely used crop protection chemicals will slow down the growth of the global crop protection chemicals industry substantially.

      Developed economies including North America and Europe are expected to show average growth due to market maturity and restriction imposed on usage of certain crop protection chemicals by regulatory authorities; however developing countries are expected to enjoys healthy growth rate in near future because of rising demand for crop protection chemicals.

      China crop protection chemicals industry is the largest among the three developing markets covered in the report, both in terms of revenue and volume. Herbicides segment is the highest contributor towards the China crop protection chemicals industry in terms of consumption throughout the forecast period. Fruits, vegetables and nuts crop segment was the largest consumer of crop protection chemicals and will remain so in the coming years.

      About this report
      This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Crop protection Chemicals in USD million (revenue) and thousand tons (volume) by segmenting the market on the basis of Pesticides Type, and end-use segments. The report provides separate comprehensive analysis for China, India and Brazil. Annual sales estimates and forecasts (volume and value) for three emerging markets are also provided for the period 2009 to 2016.

      The report helps in providing a comprehensive overview for
        Market forces driving and restraining the growth of the market
        Up-to-date analysis of the latest industry trends
        Acumen into the size and shape of the market growth

      Reasons to purchase this report
        Leading industry opinion keeps you abreast of latest news and trends
        Forward-looking outlook on a category, market or issue affecting the industry
        Latest six year forecast assesses how the market is predicted to develop
        Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the country level markets
        Obtain sales forecast for the period 2012 to 2016 for all the major markets

      This report is an effort to identify driving forces behind the crop protection chemicals industry of India, China and Brazil over the next five years. The report provides extensive analysis of the crop protection chemicals industry, and current market trends and presents a comprehensive assessment on the basis of:

      Pesticides Types

        Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

      Countries Covered

        Asia Pacific
       Latin America

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